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At Wasabi Japanese Grill & Bar, we are proud to serve only the finest handcrafted sushi made with the freshest and most delicious seafood and fish. Our sushi restaurant only serves high-quality sushi because we know that the freshest fish make for the tastiest sushi. Our sushi restaurant chefs have been highly trained to select only the best cuts for their rolls and present your sushi in a creative and artful manner. If you’ve never tried sushi, you’ll love the flavorful combination of fresh seafood and vegetable with Japanese dried seaweed and sweet marinated rice. Whether you’re craving a simple tuna roll or something more unique, here are a few of our sushi menu favorites.

• Amazing Tuna –Tuna tempura (tuna fried in a Japanese batter) and avocado create a unique texture inside the roll, while fresh pepper tuna and mango sauce on top add an exotic twist.

• Four Season –One of our most complicated rolls, shrimp tempura and lobster salad is topped with a handcrafted mixture of four traditional sauces. This roll is not to be missed and is meant to be savored.

• Spicy Killer –A favorite of all of our spice-loving customers, the Spicy Killer will clear your sinuses with a combination of spicy tuna, red snapper, and salmon, topped with jalapeños, spicy mayo, and hot chili sauce.

There are plenty more choices on our menu. Whether you’re a lover of simple flavors or want to try something new and spicy, our sushi bar will find you the perfect combination of fresh ingredients and expert preparation. We are proud to serve the best sushi in town and look forward to helping you experience an meal from our sushi restaurant!