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At Wasabi Japanese Grill & Bar, you can expect only the highest quality steak prepared just for you. Our chefs are highly trained and have years of combined experience creating steaks cooked perfectly. Whatever your request, from blue to well done, our chefs will prepare your steak to your exact specifications. We offer many options for your dining experience, but here are some menu favorites.

• Hibachi New York Steak –Our specialty hibachi entrees are expertly prepared on a specially made grill and served with soup, salad, and two shrimp, for a balanced and versatile meal. It’s New York steak with a Japanese steakhouse twist!

• Chicken & Filet Mignon Combo –We offer a number of hibachi combinations so you can try different types of meat made on our specialty hibachi grill. The tasty combination of chicken and filet mignon is a popular choice that showcases the unique flavor of our signature hibachi entrees.

• Lobster & New York Steak Combo –Go all out with our lobster and New York steak combo. The tender steak and juicy lobster combine to create a fantastic mixture of flavors.

Our chefs work hard to create unique dishes inspired by traditional Japanese steakhouse cuisine. Whether you choose a more standard fare or opt for one of our exotic flavors, youll know that it has been prepared with the finest tools and techniques. There are a wide selection of steaks and meats as well as entree combinations for you to choose from, so you can get exactly what you want, and know that our chefs will prepare it precisely the way you ask.